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Here are states with legal recreational marijuana: 

  1. California 2. Alaska  3. Colorado  4. Oregon  5. Washington

Here are states with medical marijuana: 

1. Alaska  2. Arizona  3. California  4. Colorado  5. Connecticut  6. Delaware  7. Hawaii  8. Illinois

9. Maine  10. Maryland  11. Massachusetts   12. Michigan  13. Minnesota  14. Montana  15. Nevada

16. New Hampshire  17. New Jersey  18. New Mexico  19. New York  20. Oregon   21. Pennsylvania

22. Rhode Island  23. Vermont  24. Washington

Marijuana advocates believe there’s a chance for at least 11 more states to legalize recreational marijuana in the near term.

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What makes CannaStrips so Great?

CannaStrips brings to patients Medical Cannabis in the form of a sub-lingual strip that quickly dissolves under the tongue delivering pure cannabis to the patient without the negative effects of smoking.

  • Precisely measured dosage that is safe and and highly efficient.
  • Relieves pain and enhances relaxation.
  • Fast delivery of medicine, usually 5-15mins for most patients.
  • All natural organic ingredients, sugar free, safe for diabetics.
  • Easy to carry and consume.
  • Made from Organic CO2 extracted cannabis oil.
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Reviews: We Love our Patients, And They Love Us.

We are devoted to providing consistent results to our patients each and every time they use our medical cannabis.

“I’ve found CannaStrips nighttime formula works perfectly.”

“CannaStrips as medicine have helped me tremendously! As someone who suffers from insomnia on a regular basis, and is fearful of taking over-the-counter Excedrin PMs, as a short-term solution to my nighttime problem, I’ve found CannaStrips nighttime formula works perfectly. Putting me to sleep in under 30 minutes and allowing me a full night’s rest … CannaStrips are now high on my list of must have medications.

My patients have incorporated CannaStrips into their medical cannabis regiment due to their confidence in the safety and reliability of CannaStrips. As a collective operator, I like the fact that CannaStrips are in an attractive packaging supported by literature for patients and in-house training for my staff.
William Genske, Doctor
Thanks to the measured dosage of active cannabinoids in CannaStrips, I can safely medicate with marijuana again. Suffering from anxiety that is exacerbated by smoking today’s potent marijuana, I became fearful of using marijuana’s natural cannabinoids as medication. Thanks to CannaStrips, I can again obtain the healthy, relaxed state of mind that medical marijuana provides for stressed out people like me. Much appreciation!!
Stuartyboy, Patient
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